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How To Make A Claim If You Suffered A Fall At Work

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If your job requires that you perform your tasks at levels above the ground, you can experience falls and injuries if your employer doesn’t have the proper equipment in place to protect you.

All harnesses, safety barriers, scaffolding and other equipment should undergo strenuous checks periodically so that you can work safely no matter where you duties take you on the jobsite. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration oversees and assures safe and healthful working conditions for working men and women by setting and enforcing standards and by providing training, education and assistance.

Should you have an accident on the job it’s important that you first seek medical attention and then record your thoughts and the details about how, when, and where the accident occurred.

Once your life has been changed by a fall at work, it’s time to seek the help of a professional who can assist you with getting the compensation that you need to maintain a comfortable life.

Documentation is Key to Success

You should ask your healthcare provider to give you copies of the initial diagnosis so that you can prove without a doubt that you were hurt and need medical care.

Be sure to also get documentation of recommendations for follow-up care, any surgeries, or special medications that you will need to take to continue a normal and pain-free life.

Each document should carry the specific date that you were treated along with the signature of the healthcare professional involved and contact information so that additional details can be gathered if they are needed.

You must also file the appropriate paperwork with your employer, specifically the person who is responsible for safety on the job so that you will have all of that documentation covered before you submit your injury at work claim.

Details of Your Claim

It will be important to seek legal services and partner with a team of personal injury lawyers that are experienced in working with clients who have been injured at work.

Their expertise can save you a great deal of pain and heartache from forms that are submitted incorrectly and extend the time for receiving your compensation.

They can inform you about the length of the claims process, what amount of money you may be able to receive from your work injury claim, and a list of steps that will help you expedite the entire process for you and them.

They should also have the ability to furnish you with an assessment of your immediate needs so that you can get the healthcare and treatment that you need for a speedy recovery.

Ask Colleagues and Witnesses for Assistance

In your documentation it would be excellent to include the statements of witnesses and colleagues who are familiar with the accident and the equipment you were using at the time.

If neglect was an issue, if equipment was outdated, or unstable ladders and other equipment were not appropriate for the job, having co-workers attest to this condition can help to make your claim more powerful.

As soon as possible after the accident contact your colleagues and have them record their immediate response to what happened, why it happened, and their location when the accident took place.

Covering all of the documentation ahead of time in an organised manner can provide you with a more successful bid for a claim.

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