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How Can Law Firms Improve Communication With Clients

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Good communications are important in all types of business, including law firms and legal practices. Not only will clients expect regular and reliable updates, but good communication also needs to exist between members of your team and any external resources that you use.

There are a number of benefits that you can enjoy, and improvements to communications that you can experience, by implementing high quality and reliable law firm management software.

Clients are entirely reliant on your firm for the services that you provide to them, and while they may be confident in using your legal services, they will still require regular updates in order to continue feeling this confidence.

A failure to provide updates means a breakdown in communication, and even if the case is progressing successfully, this breakdown can lead to some clients losing faith and looking for a way out of their contract. Even if they are tied in, they will be less likely to use your services in the future or to recommend your services to others, and word of mouth marketing and recommendations are extremely powerful.

Law firm management software can offer reminders and ensure that all members of the team know when they are expected to communicate with leads, clients, and external resources.

Often, it is not an unwillingness that leads to a lack of communication, but it is simply a case of forgetting to send an update email or forgetting to ring a client and provide them with an update. Software can be used so that reminders are set up automatically on specific anniversaries of events, on a regular recurring basis, or according to the specific instructions of a team member.

Communication is further aided by law firm management software because it can be automated, to some extent. Standard documents can be set up in email and even via SMS message, and rules applied. When a client, a case, or a communication triggers these rules, the standard document is personalised with the recipient’s details, updated with progress on the case, and the communication is sent according to the client’s preferences.

The accuracy of communications is another important factor.

Some clients may simply want to hear that you are on the case and that it is progressing as planned, but not necessarily be concerned with the details. Others may want a blow by blow account of what has been done so far, the stage that you are at when you do communicate, and what needs to be done.

The software can be updated with requirements, you can determine the type and level of communication needed, and you can be sure that you won’t miss out on making your communications with your clients.

Communication is only one key aspect to the successful running of a law firm, but it is an important one. Similarly, it is only one area where law firm management software can prove highly efficient, but it is one area where it truly excels.

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