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Our Solid Reputation for Service and Results
Our team of accomplished attorneys works strategically to establish sound, lasting solutions for our clients. We represent individuals, small-business owners, and high-income individuals in cases involving family law, estates, with an emphasis on cases presenting factual or legal challenges.

With a trusted reputation and solid record of results, our attorneys are called upon to handle even the most complex divorce and family law disputes. We offer our lawyer services to a diverse clientele and have successfully handled complex and high-asset divorce cases.

Some of our lawyer services include:

• Divorce
• Property Division
• Child Custody
• Support / Alimony
• Tax Issues

Our clients include lawyers, doctors, business owners, executives, professors, and professionals from a wide range of industries. We take the time to understand the unique issues faced by each client and handle every case with the dignity and discretion it deserves.

From your initial consultation through the final resolution of your case, we will work individually with you to achieve your goals and objectives. Our lawyers know how to creatively approach legal issues and design appropriate strategies to protect your rights and interests.
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